As at 26 November 2020, ATALAYA Mining had:

    • 137,339,126 shares of 0.075 p each ("Ordinary Shares") in issue and does not hold any shares in treasury;
    • 3,555,250 options over Ordinary Shares in issue, with various exercise prices ranging from 144p to 204.5p and expiry dates ranging from February 2022 to June 2030; and
    • 140,894,376 shares on a fully diluted basis.

There are no restrictions on the transfer of the Ordinary Shares.

As at 26 November 2020, the significant shareholders in the Company are:

  • Urion Holdings (Malta) Ltd ("Trafigura") 22.44% (fully-diluted 21.88%)
  • Yanggu Xiangguang Copper Co. Ltd (‘XGC’) 22.36% (fully-diluted 21.79%)
  • Liberty Metals & Mining Holdings LLC (“Liberty”) 14.26% (fully-diluted 13.90%)
  • Orion Mine Finance (Master) Fund I LP (‘Orion’) 9.99% (fully-diluted 9.74%)
  • Cobas Asset Management, SGIIC, S.A. 5.07% (fully-diluted 4.94%)
  • Management and Board of Directors 0.52% (fully-diluted 0.50%)

The total of the shareholdings detailed above for Trafigura, XGC, Orion, Liberty, Cobas, management and the Board of Directors represents the 74.63% (fully-diluted 72.74%) of shares not in public hands.