Dividend Information

  • Background
    • Following the completion of the third phase of re-start and expansion at Riotinto which increased processing capacity to 15 Mtpa, Atalaya’s Board of Directors approved the initiation of a sustainable dividend policy beginning in 2022.
    • The objective of the sustainable dividend policy is to supplement total shareholder returns, while still investing in Atalaya’s portfolio of low capital intensity growth projects in the Riotinto District and at Proyecto Touro.


  • Dividend Policy
    • Annual payout of 30 – 50% of free cash flow generated during the applicable financial year.
    • The annual dividend will be paid in two half-yearly instalments and announced in conjunction with interim and full year results.
    • The declaration and payment of all future dividends will remain subject to approval by the Board of Directors.


  • Dividend History
      Dividend per Ordinary Share
Dividend Record Date Payment Date USD GBP EUR
Inaugural 5 November 2021 1 December 2021 US$0.395 £0.294 €0.345


  • Dividend Information
    • When declaring a dividend, Atalaya communicates the specific dates associated with the following events:
      • Ex-Dividend Date: the date prior to the Record Date; investors who purchase Atalaya shares on the Ex-Dividend Date are not eligible to receive the declared dividend.
      • Record Date: the date on which Atalaya establishes who is eligible to receive the declared dividend; shareholders on Atalaya’s register on the Record Date are eligible to receive the dividend.

Due to standard trading settlement of T+2, investors who wish to receive a dividend payment must purchase shares on the day prior to the Ex-Dividend Date. 

  • Currency Election
    • Atalaya declares its dividends in United States Dollars (“USD”), therefore by default shareholders will receive their dividend payments in USD.  Shareholders also have the option to elect to receive their dividends in Sterling (“GBP”) or Euros (“EUR”) (the “Foreign Designated Currencies”) by communicating their currency election to Atalaya.  The exchange rates used to convert USD dividends into GBP or EUR equivalents are fixed and announced by Atalaya following the dividend declaration.