Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Communities

As a member of society, all businesses have a duty  and responsibility to make a positive contribution towards the communities in which they operate.

Atalaya Mining is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen every day by managing the environmental and social impact of its mining operations in a conscientious and sensitive manner. 

Sustainable Development

Atalaya Mining is committed to achieving development that provides benefits for those regions where it operates, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs both economically and environmentally. Atalaya will endeavour to achieve excellence in environmental performance abiding by environmental standards beyond those set by international regulations.

Our People

Atalaya operates within a favourable framework for labour relations based on a non-discriminatory, equal opportunities system that respects diversity and facilitates communication at all levels. The Company provides a healthy and safe working environment by implementing the best available international practices and procedures.


Atalaya Mining advocates the establishment of broad communication channels and seeks opportunities for conversation with its various stakeholders to ensure that business objectives remain in tune with social needs and expectations. The Company will always seek to provide relevant, transparent and accurate information about its activities to promote constructive dialogue and encourage continuous improvement.