Corporate Governance

Committed to sound corporate governance

Atalaya Mining Plc (the “Company” or “Atalaya”) is an AIM listed Company and is required by the London Stock Exchange to apply a recognised corporate governance code. The Company is required to give details of how it complies with the chosen code and, where it departs from the code, provide an explanation of the reasons for doing so.

National Policy 58-201 – Corporate Governance Guidelines, of the Canadian Securities Administrators (“NP 58-201″) establishes corporate governance guidelines which apply to all public companies and the Company has implemented its own corporate governance practices in light of these guidelines. National Instrument 58-101 – Disclosure of Corporate Governance Practices, of the Canadian Securities Administrators (“NI 58-101″) mandates the disclosure of corporate governance practices in accordance with Form 58-101F1, which disclosure is set out below.

There is no mandatory corporate governance regime in Cyprus with which the Company must comply.


 “Atalaya Mining Plc. is committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance throughout its operations and to ensuring that all of its practices are conducted transparently, ethically and efficiently. The Company believes that scrutinising all aspects of its business and reflecting, analysing and improving its procedures will result in the continued success of the Company and improve shareholder value”