Change of Name and Consolidation of Ordinary Shares

21 October, 2015

Atalaya, the Europe-based minerals development and exploration company, announces that following the Company’s EGM on 13 October 2015 the change of name from EMED Mining Public Limited to Atalaya Mining plc is now effective. As such, the Company will begin trading under its new name of Atalaya Mining plc (ticker: AIM: ATYM, TSX: AYM) with effect from 08.00am (BST) and 09.30am (EST) on 21 October 2015. The Company’s ISIN will be changing to CY0106002112 and its website can now be found at

Consolidation of Ordinary Shares
Furthermore the Consolidation is now complete. As such, all Shareholders on the register as at 17.00 (BST) on 20 October 2015 (the Consolidation Record Date) receive one New Ordinary Share of nominal value 7.5p for every 30 Existing Ordinary Shares of nominal value 0.25p.
CREST Shareholders’ accounts are being credited with the New Ordinary Shares to which they are entitled under the Consolidation today, 21 October 2015 being the effective date of the Consolidation.
New share certificates will be issued to Non-CREST Shareholders in substitution for their existing share certificates within 14 days. All existing share certificates will be invalid and will be cancelled and new share certificates are expected to be despatched to those Shareholders who hold their Existing Ordinary Shares in certificated form, on or before 4 November 2015.
With respect to Shareholders who hold their Existing Ordinary Shares through Computershare Canada, all such Existing Ordinary Shares are held in electronic positions with CDS or otherwise, and as such no letter of transmittal will be mailed to shareholders in connection with effecting the Consolidation. No action is required to be taken by a registered or non-registered Shareholder in order for such Shareholders to receive the New Ordinary Shares to which they are entitled upon completion of the Consolidation. Settlement of the New Ordinary Shares in CDS is expected to occur on or about 23 October 2015.
In the process of finalising the Consolidation, the Company became aware of certain historic issues of ordinary shares (between 2007 and 2010) for which application forms had not been appropriately filed with AIM at that time. Accordingly, the Company recently filed an application for admission to trading of 9,560,605 ordinary shares of 0.25p each (representing approximately 0.27% of the current issued share capital) to ensure that the pre-consolidation issued share capital of 3,500,386,650 ordinary shares is consistent with the application forms filed with AIM. Approximately 1.1 million of these shares related to the exercise of share options and approximately 8.4 million ordinary shares related to the issue of shares to YA Global Investments Limited, Resource Capital Fund IV LP and RMB Australia Holdings Limited under the then existing financing agreements.
Following the Consolidation the number of New Ordinary Shares of nominal value 7.5p each in issue and admitted to trading will total 116,679,555.
Capitalised terms in this announcement, unless otherwise defined, have the same meaning given to them as in the announcement issued by the Company on 11 September 2015.
Download full announcement: Share Consolidation and Change of Name (21.10.15)