Director’s Share Purchase

21 August, 2014

EMED Mining Public Limited ("EMED Mining" or the "Company") has been notified that on 19 August 2014, Alberto Lavandeira, Chief Operating Officer of the Company, purchased 1 million ordinary shares in EMED Mining at an average price of C$0.135.

Following this purchase, Mr Lavandeira holds the following interests in EMED Mining:


Number of Ordinary Shares Beneficially Owned

% of Company’s Issued Share Capital

Restricted shares held in escrow (1)

Share Options (2)

A Lavandeira





(1) These shares were issued at a price of 0.25 pence per share following approval at the AGM on 11 June 2014 and are held in escrow and only released once Mr Lavandeira has been employed by the Company for two years or his service agreement is terminated for certain reasons.

(2) The options were granted in March 2014 and are exercisable at 12 pence per share and have an expiry date of 5 years from the date of grant. The options vest in three equal tranches on the first, second and third anniversaries of the date of grant.


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