AIM Rule 26

The information required in relation to AIM Rule 26 is detailed in the text below and in the other pages on this website linked to below.

The principal activity of the Group is to explore for and develop metals production operations in Europe, with an initial focus on copper. The strategy is to evaluate and prioritize metal production opportunities in several jurisdictions throughout the well-known belts of base and precious metal mineralization in the European region.

Atalaya Mining's Board of Directors and senior management have a strong track record in successful exploration, responsible mining and corporate governance.

Since Atalaya Mining is incorporated in Cyprus, the rights of its shareholders may be different from the rights of shareholders in a UK incorporated company. As there are no provisions in Cyprus law or practice applicable to Atalaya Mining equivalent to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers (the "City Code"), which prevent persons acquiring 30% or more of the voting rights in a company without making a general offer on the same terms to all shareholders (as set out in Rule 9 of the City Code), such provisions have been included in Atalaya Mining's Articles of Association. In order to afford shareholders equivalent protection to that offered by the City Code, Atalaya Mining's Articles of Association prohibit a person, and those acting in concert with him, from acquiring 20% or more of the voting rights, or from increasing their holding if it is above 20% and under 50%, unless either the Board consents to the acquisition, or the procedure set out in Rule 9 of the UK City Code is followed. Atalaya Mining's Articles of Association give the Board full power inter alia to require a shareholder to provide any appropriate information, make such determinations as it sees fit, determine that voting rights on any shares held in breach of the Articles of Association ("Excess Shares") be suspended, and act as the Member's attorney in selling such Excess Shares. Cyprus law contains no provisions applicable to Atalaya Mining equivalent to the UK law requirement on shareholders to disclose their level of holding in shares in a company once the Board has served a disclosure notice on them. Atalaya Mining's Articles of Association (regulations 35 to 41) give the Board the ability to serve such a notice, and in default of compliance, a defaulting Shareholder can have his right to dividends suspended, and his shares may not be transferred until the requested information has been obtained.

The Company's key exploration and mine development assets are located in Spain.

Atalaya Mining's Articles of Association are available by clicking here.

Atalaya Mining's primary listing is on London's AIM market. The Company is also listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

The number of AIM securities on issue is noted in our Capital Structure section.

As soon as practical following release to the market, the Company posts such information to this website in the following sections - Announcements, Annual Reports, Financial Reports, Quarterly Reports, Notices and Technical Reports. Atalaya Mining also regularly posts to its website presentations made to institutional investors or at conferences in order to provide these summaries of the Company's progress to all investors.

The Company's May 2005 AIM Admission Document is available by clicking here. Circulars to shareholders are posted in the Notices section of this website.

Atalaya Mining's final prospectus for its December 2010 Initial Public Offering on the Toronto Stock Exchange is available by clicking here.

Atalaya Mining's advisers are listed on the Corporate Advisers section of this website.

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